In a faraway world dominated by surveillance and censorship, a band of rebellious aliens escapes their planet to found a new society based on the principles of creative expression, free exploration, and community sovereignty.

These are the Decentraliens—the founders of Invisible College.

There are four types of characters in the Decentraliens that play a role in the world of Invisible College.


The rebellious band of aliens who founded and built Invisible College. Fed up with their oppressive government, the Decentraliens escaped to create a new society on the principles of free exploration, creative expression, and community sovereignty.


The power-hungry rulers of X Æ A-13, the Decentraliens home planet. To maintain order, Precepts employ surveillance, censorship and intimidation against rebellious citizens.


The mercenary bounty hunters charged with eliminating the Decentraliens. Dispatched by the Precepts to extinguish Invisible College, many bots secretly long to rebel and join the budding society.


The sworn protectors of the Decentraliens. To earn their abilities, Paladins take an oath to preserve the sovereignty of Invisible College.